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GAMA offers a wide range of courses such as; Organizing Meetings and Events Planning, Project Management, Ehics and Report Writing. Other courses could be found on our online catalogue of qualifications.

IBTA Exams are administered online. Results are received immediately after student completes the exam and certificates are couriered within two weeks.  Comptia Exams are administered at the Ciceron Secondary School, St. Lucia, W.I.  Other exams are admi... read more

The certificate a student receives, depends on the course chosen. Certificates are issued by; GAMA Learning Institute University of the West Indies – Open Campus IBTA Cambridge International Examinations

Payment for courses could be made through the use of a cheque; and should be made in the name, GAMA Investment Incorporation; or students can simply pay in cash, at the main office.

All cancellations must be received in writing. If cancelled 10 days prior to course start date, a full refund will be given. If cancelled less than 10 days prior to course date, you will be responsible for course fees and no refunds will be made. You may ... read more

Course OverviewQuality is the most powerful factor to capture, retain and enlarge customer base in the modern business scenario. Achieving customer satisfaction is the essential business of business and quality management is the most effective enterprise ... read more