After completing this course you will know how to: Create a spreadsheet, format a spreadsheet, edit data on a spreadsheet, use formulas and functions and print a spreadsheet.  

This hands-on workshop covers project management basic and intermediate skills and addresses how to develop a project plan and manage execution of the project using the Microsoft ProjectTM software.

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing application that will help you work more efficiently. This workshop will show you how to create effective documents using Microsoft Word features. This is a hands-on workshop with time for demonstration, and ha... read more

Databases are ideal tools for tracking large volumes of data, and Microsoft Access is a popular and powerful tool used to design and develop Windows-based databases. This workshop, introduces the most important features in Access which end-users need to k... read more

Microsoft Outlook is an information management system designed to help you communicate with others. Using Outlook, you can send electronic mail messages over an intranet or Internet. You can schedule appointments, create contacts, manage tasks, and create... read more

OverviewMicrosoft PowerPoint program, a part of the Microsoft Office Suite is the most dynamic presentation tool in today’s Information Age. Today, PowerPoint Presentations in many forms, styles and custom layouts are used by working professionals, ... read more